Destiny 2: Beyond Light

30,000 people cleared Destiny 2's new raid on its first day

Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Deep Stone Crypt raid drew a much larger audience than those beforehand.

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Bungie has released information regarding the amount of raid clears within the first few days of their launches for the last few expansions. As part of the weekly This Week At Bungie (TWAB) round-up, the information was detailed showing that this year's Deep Stone Crypt had a much more successful launch than previous raids did.

For the Day One raid main event, Beyond Light's Deep Stone Crypt saw just under 30,000 clears. This in itself does seem to suggest around 180,000 people completed the raid within the first day, as the statistics for Forsaken's The Last Wish raid showed only 4 clears within the first day - and that was not a single four-man team who completed that one. Shadowkeep's Garden of Salvation raid sat right in the middle of both, with 551 (approximately 3000 individual players), day one clears.

A few other statistics were also revealed, this time however over the raid's first ten days, and it showed that while the Last Wish moved up to 3,555 unique clears after that span, Deep Stone Crypt moved up to 258,049 instead. Quite a substantial difference. The really interesting stat however comes in player hours, as over ten days, Deep Stone Crypt has logged over 5 million more player hours than The Last Wish did, which shows a massive increase in engagement.

To read further into these stats, you can find the TWAB right here, which also details the upcoming Iron Banner loot (shown below), as well as looking back into the next-gen upgrades coming on December 8.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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