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Halo Infinite

343: Halo Infinite delay was "doing the right thing for players, even though it hurt"

"It was 100% a player-first decision".

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Surely you know the story by now, but last year in July, it was finally time to show Halo Infinite. It was going to be the big comeback for the series and had been hyped for two years. Well, things didn't go as planned, and the gameplay demo looked rough and unfinished.

Even though Xbox Series S/X was launching in November 2020 and Halo Infinite was going to be the main attraction, 343 Industries and Microsoft decided to delay the game for 13 months with a December 2021 release instead (although the multiplayer part was released earlier this month). In an interview with IGN, the creative director Joseph Staten reveals this delay both "hurt" and had "costs associated" with it:

"[There was] a huge amount of pressure to stay the course. I think a really wonderful example of Xbox leadership doing the right thing for our fans, doing the right thing [...] for players, even though it hurt them, even though there were costs associated with that. It was 100% a player-first decision, and I'm so proud of the studio and Xbox for making that decision."

Did you think the delay of Halo Infinite was the right call in the end, even if it meant launching Xbox Series S/X without any new major releases?

Halo Infinite

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