Halo Infinite

343 Industries is looking for someone to curate Forge content in Halo Infinite's multiplayer playlists

The official role is that of a Multiplayer Playlist Designer, but there is an emphasis on Forge work.

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If you spend a lot of time playing Halo Infinite's Forge mode and think of yourself as a bit of a content curator for the mode, then 343 Industries might be able to use your help. The Halo developer has put out a job listing that reveals that it is currently searching for a Multiplayer Playlist Designer, but that anyone who applies for the role should have an understanding of Forge and be able to choose content that can be brought to main multiplayer playlists.

The listing states: "In this role you'll design, implement, and manage playlists that align with the needs of Halo Infinite. You'll work with partner teams to ensure content (maps and modes) is properly represented in our playlists and aligns with scheduled game events. You'll also help to find, vet, and add community made Forge content to playlists, working directly with Forgers to help ensure their experiences meet expectations. As Multiplayer Playlist Designer you'll hone your collaborative skills, utilize our internal playlist tools, and play a hands-on role that directly affects the player experience in Halo Infinite."

The role will also require the applicant to work with the Halo Infinite team to deliver maps, modes, and other playlist content on schedule, all while helping with the creation, updating, and scheduling of playlist content for the live game.

If you think this might be the role for you, you can head over here to see if you have the qualifications for the job.

Halo Infinite

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