Halo 2

343 Industries will livestream the original Halo 2 demo

Check it out on Wednesday night and see some gaming history in action.

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The development of Halo 2 was one of the weirder ones, as Bungie rushed to make a gameplay demo in time for E3 2003. The demo was absolutely stunning and showed hugely detailed worlds in New Mombasa with cool features that were way ahead of their time. And, as it turns out, ahead of the Xbox's capabilities as well.

The console simply couldn't handle the graphics and Bungie had to scrap everything to start it over, which led to an infamous period of crunch for the developers in order to make the deadline for the game in November 2004. Even though we got to visit New Mombasa in Halo 2, the part we got to see in the E3 demo was never used in the actual game.

Now 343 Industries has re-discovered the Halo 2 E3 demo, and the official Halo Twitter account wrote late yesterday that they are going to play it once again to show the stuff we got to see but never experience:

"On this week's 343 Social Stream, hosts @ske7ch and @franklez will reflect on 14 years of Halo 2 with stories, giveaways, viewer Q&A, and a special play-through of the original E3 2003 demo. Join the fun tomorrow at 1:30pm PT on @WatchMixer!"

If you want to see this unique demo, simply head over to Mixer.com/Halo later today at 21.30 GMT / 22:30 CET to see this somewhat strange piece of video game history. Do you remember the original Halo 2 demo?

Halo 2

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