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Dota 2

40,000 Dota 2 cheaters were lured to their doom by Valve

"While the battle against cheaters and cheat developers often takes place in the shadows," Valve wants to make this example extremely visible.

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There are few things worse than loading into an online match only to find out that your opponents were using the unfair advantage of cheats. Now, while many of us are guilty of calling someone who is just better than us a hacker, there are those who genuinely cheat to win, and Valve is hoping to put a stop to them.

In a recent post to the Dota 2 blog, Valve outlined how it banned 40,000 cheaters by luring them in through adding a section of data in a recent patch. This data would only be usable by those utilising a third-party software in order to gain an advantage in matches.

Through identifying those that had accessed the secret data, Valve then banned what it strongly believes to be 40,000 cheating accounts. Valve doesn't think this will end cheating in the long run, and acknowledges some will continue to "develop and use new exploits."

But, Valve wants its userbase to know it will continue to fight the good fight against cheating, and will "detect and remove these exploits as they come, and continue to ban users who cheat."

As the publisher for CS:GO and Dota 2, it must be tricky to deal with all the cheaters in those games, but it seems Valve is doing its best to ensure our games stay as clear of hackers as possible.

Dota 2

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