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5G to be a "killer app" for Spot the Dog says Boston Dynamics

We talked to the robotics company at MWC 22 about its advanced yellow machine.

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As you might have seen in a few of our video updates, Gamereactor recently attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, where we got the chance to catch up with a variety of different tech companies to talk about the products they're developing. One such company that we had a chat with was Boston Dynamics, the engineering and robotics company known for its advanced machines, such as the humanoid Atlas and the more widely recognised Spot the Dog.

5G to be a "killer app" for Spot the Dog says Boston Dynamics

As part of our time with Boston Dynamics, we got to see Spot in action, and also had a chat with the company's chief service officer, Mike Pollitt and IBM Edge Computing's CTO, Rob High, where we asked the latter about how 5G could completely change how robots operate with Wi-Fi or other technologies.

"It is wirelessly connected, and this is actually an example of a specialised wireless pack that works specially for an environment like this, but could have any variety of different wireless connections," said High. "Obviously, 5G is an example of a connectivity that becomes quite powerful because of all of the advantages that 5G brings to the table, whether that's bandwidth, or throughput, or slicing, or all of the things that you normally associate with 5G in a commercial setting that becomes incredibly important because 5G operates in a spectrum that does not interfere with manufacturing [signals], so it's safer in that respect. But also, it really becomes that killer app for 5G."

You can check out the full interview with High and Pollitt below, where we also talk about Spot's future and the technology that powers the little yellow robot.


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