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80% of Capcom's game sales are now digital

The rise of digital continues with Capcom confirming the vast majority of its sales are no longer physical.

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Microsoft launched a disc-less Xbox One and is rumoured to have a disc-less Xbox Series X as well. Sony is doing the same thing and has already confirmed that it has an all-digital alternative version of the PlayStation 5. In fact, here at Gamereactor, we have reported several times about how physical games seems to be in decline.

Now, Capcom has decided to share some data on this topic, and the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter publisher has now revealed that no less than 80% of its game sales are now digital. And the company expects this number to grow to at least 90% in the near future. This is more than the company initially expected, as in-house estimations were closer to 75% (the year before it was 53%).

Capcom will of course adapt and is planning on becoming even better when it comes to digital sales, with the company stating the following:

"We aim to continue expanding our business performance by maximizing the benefits of digital sales, which include being able to provide our content both for longer periods of time and throughout the world."

With numbers of 80%-90%, we are likely beginning to approach a critical number for when physical games simply won't be feasible anymore, at least not in the traditional way that we've come to expect from bricks and mortar retail.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy to ditch the discs?

Monster Hunter: World

Thanks, Gamespot.

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