8K VR headset shown at CES, available next month

But you may want to read the fine print on Pimax 8K before picking up your unit of the Kickstarted VR headset.

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VR didn't become the same commercial success we hoped for, at least not in its current form, but the technology is still undergoing development. Pimax 8K headset is a Kickstarter project that actually succeeded, but as always, you need to read the fine print when it comes to Kickstarter project.

On the company website company websitea 200 degree field of view is a core part of the specifications, while the refresh rate is 80 Hz. It uses dual 4K display, so more stereoscopic 4K, one for each eye, and while these are 2160p, quick browsing leads to Venturebeat that states all content as not being 4K, but 1440p upscaled.

8K VR headset shown at CES, available next month

Also, 90Hz is usually the lower limit for a headache free VR experience, but who can resist words like "Brain warp support".

Content from Steam and Oculus is supported, but bear in mind, the headset does not as standard come with any tracking devices.

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