A bunch of Windows 11 features have leaked online

It'll be bringing a new UI, start menu, and plenty of rounded corners.

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Microsoft has been teasing a new event for some time, an event that is expected to explore "what's next for Windows". But, what that exactly means has not been officially detailed by the tech giant yet. However, a recent leak has shown off a look at Windows 11, the next iteration of the operating system that is what we are expecting Microsoft to reveal on June 24 at its anticipated event.

The new OS will be bringing a whole list of new features, as was reported on by The Verge's Tom Warren, including some visual changes and various other helpful systems. When the OS does eventually launch (of which we don't know a date yet), you can expect to find an updated start menu that has the ability to pin apps and recent files, and is generally way more simplified than what we have in Windows 10.

In regard to the new looking UI and the use of more rounded edges, we can expect a design style that is quite different to what is currently used in Windows 10. Windows Widgets is also returning, bringing back an easy method to display a bunch of information at once, without the need for several apps open at one time.

There has been no mention as of yet of a new Microsoft Store experience, despite previous rumours suggesting that one is in the works, but there does seem to be better integration with Xbox at the very least. In Windows 11, the Xbox App seems to be integrated into the OS, and will offer much simpler access to the features it brings, including its social systems and Xbox Game Pass.

As this is all leaked information, we do have to take it all with a grain of salt, but considering we're getting this information a week before Microsoft's big what's next for Windows event, it does seem plausible. Either way, we'll likely learn more at the show when it kicks off on June 24 at 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST, you can watch it here.

A bunch of Windows 11 features have leaked online
Image Credit: Tom Warren

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