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The Witcher (Netflix)

A Key Location from The Witcher Season 3 Has Been Revealed

Book fans are going to recognize this place.

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The first episode title of The Witcher season 3 has been revealed, and the premiere will be called Shaerrawedd. Not only does this reveal the title of season 3's first episode, but it also tells us the show will be visiting a key location from the books.

Shaerrawedd, in the lore of The Witcher, was an ancient elven palace that was destroyed by the elves over 200 years before the events of the books and show. The elves destroyed their palace so that humans couldn't build a new city on the foundations of it, as the latter had done in the past.

The palace is more than just a set piece in the books, and does involve an important scene between Geralt and Ciri in Blood of Elves, the first novel in The Witcher saga. According to Entertainment Weekly, Shaerrawedd is one of the biggest sets that has been built for The Witcher so far.

Lauren Hissrich, The Witcher's showrunner, said that Shaerrawedd will be an important place for Ciri, as she'll be getting different versions of the history behind the palace from Geralt and Yennefer. "We're gonna start to understand that everybody has a different version of historical events," she said.

The Witcher season 3 hits Netflix next Summer, and will mark Henry Cavill's last appearance as Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher (Netflix)

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