A Minecraft National Park is being built

The multi-biome world will look to showcase humanity's impact on its surroundings.

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Mojang is teaming up with The Nature Conservancy to create an official Minecraft National Park. This will be a multi-biome setup that is being developed by Minecraft creators and is said to be "a showcase of humanity's impact on its surroundings."

The Park will include grasslands, taiga, tundra, cloud forest, jungle, savannah, dry forest, ocean, and wetlands, and will feature not just park ranger stations but also wildlife crossings and other ways to demonstrate how we can help preserve nature.

The National Park map is currently in construction and eyeing an autumn release date. When it does debut, anyone will be able to download and explore within it, and make donations to The Nature Conservancy like Mojang who has committed $100,000 to the nonprofit organisation.

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