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A new draft system is coming to League of Legends pro games

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A new draft system is coming to League of Legends. On the pro scene, at least. That draft system is called Fearless Draft, and it'll be applied to Tier 1 League games from next year onwards. Essentially, it'll stop the problem that's been plaguing pro League of Legends for years, with the same Champions being picked over and over.

In Fearless Draft, once a Champion has been picked, it can't be picked again in a game. This means players will have to adapt their styles at least a little bit between matches. According to Esports.gg, a Champion can even be banned if an enemy team picks it.

This system has already been adopted in the League of Legends Pro League, and it seems like it's going to be spreading further soon enough. Hopefully future matches will therefore be a bit less cut-and-paste.

League of Legends

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