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      A potential adaptation of GRIS on Netflix has been unearthed

      Something happened between Nomada Studio and the platform last year, but it's unclear whether it'll become an animated show.

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      Yesterday, a few hours before Netflix's BioShock movie was made official, the video game-related Twitter supererogatory caught on their account a couple of entries filed at the US Copyright office, both related to the streaming platform. The former was recorded earlier this year referring to a BioShock request from late 2020. This gave some good credibility to the latter.

      The latter, which was both executed and filled last spring, has to do with the beautiful platformer GRIS. If both documents are true, it seems like Netflix, the Catalan studio, Devolver Digital, and even a third Netflix-related party were into something about a potential adaptation of the pictorial video game. Now, it is currently unknown whether a license allowing to use the intellectual property will or not bear fruit in the form of an actual production, be it a series, a film, or perhaps an animated short.

      Gamereactor has contacted Nomada Studio to learn about their stance on this alleged leak, but the team politely rejected commenting on the matter, saying "we don't have anything to say in this regard", and thanking the interest in their work.

      Would you like to see Conrad Roset's work on Netflix? In which format?


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