Crysis 2

A remastered version of Crysis 2 could be on the way

Crytek recently teased fans on Twitter.

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It appears that a remastered version of Crysis 2 could be in the works. Developer Crytek recently posted a pair of tweets involving the 2011 shooter and fans have of course gone wild with speculation.

The first tweet was simply a quote from Raptor Team squad leader Major Laurence. The tweet said: "They used to call me Prophet." The second tweet was a screenshot taken from the game and this was captioned with a suspicious-looking emoji.

The original Crysis received the remaster treatment September last year and it was released on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Earlier this year, the remaster was upgraded further for PS5 and Xbox Series, and it received faster loading times and performance and resolution modes.

You can take a look at our review of Crysis Remastered here.

Crysis 2

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