Dying Light

A special Low Gravity event is now taking place in Dying Light

Here players must fend off attacking alien invaders.

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Techland still continues to impress us with its support for Dying Light even if its sequel is only merely a few months away from release. The studio has just revealed that a special Low Gravity event is now taking place in-game and it's set to run until September 1 at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST.

Here players must fight back against an attacking alien threat and several gameplay elements have been drastically altered. Players can jump much higher than before, they won't take damage when falling and a grappling hook can be used to close the distance on a target. During this event, there will be challenges that are said to grant some "special rewards." Players can get their hands on the V-27 Chameleon Machete for defeating 100 enemies and after eliminating 100,000,000 infected, they can also receive 3 King upgrades.

A new special Astronaut Pack is also debuting alongside the event. The pack is available for £2.09 and it contains the following weapons and skins:

  • Laser rifle - The V-23 Eraser - with laser ammo and a chance to burn enemies

  • Stasis pistol - The V-40 Suspender - that'll put enemies in stasis with every last shell in the magazine

  • Machete - The V-27 Shifter - that changes its effect after several consecutive hits

  • Outfit - The V-9 Defender Suit - with fall damage reduction

  • Buggy skin - The V-39 Star Rover

Dying Light

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