A synthetic Ray Tracing test is available now

A means to measure the ray tracing capability of RTX and non-RTX cards alike.

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Synthetic tests like 3DMark is a commonly used tool for analysis of hardware, but so far, no direct method of measurement of Ray Tracing capable cards.

But now the Port Royale test has been added, as with everything else, as a paid DLC. Its UL Benchmark (formerly known as Futuremark, current owner of PC Mark and 3D Mark, and the company behind more or less every single program with the word" mark" in it).

There are rumours about new upcoming products with machine learning and artificial intelligence according to WCCF Tech and also a new battery life test for laptops, that can simulate both light and heavy use, being able to simulate actual use, instead of just waiting around.

There will also be a DX12 DXR based test, allowing non-RTX Card to do Ray Tracing simulation, allowing for direct comparison. We are looking forward to even better synthetic tests in the future.

For comparison, Gamereactor's RTX2080, i9-9900K MSI system scores 5894 with an FPS score of 27.27.

A synthetic Ray Tracing test is available now

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