Madden NFL 22

Aaron Donald gets 99 Madden rating for fifth year running

The first batch of ratings for the EA Sports title are out.

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Ahead of the release of a new Madden, it's always exciting to see which players are given the elusive 99 rating, the best the title has to offer. Given to a small number of individuals (usually around 4-5 players in the entire league) ahead of the launch of a new instalment, the reveal has become quite the event.

With Madden NFL 22 set to launch in a month, EA has been dishing out who are highest regarded players for this coming title, and currently, two players have received the rating.

The first of the bunch was the Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams, who was placed ahead of a plethora of talented individuals in the role. Adams previously climbed into the 99 club in the last Madden, after starting the season with a 94 rating.

Then, on top of this, the second player to get the 99 treatment has been revealed as the Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who has achieved a pretty remarkable feat of making it into the 99 club each of the past five years.

As the ratings for more positions are revealed over the next few days, we can expect a few lucky individuals to also get the 99 treatment. Check out all of the current ratings here.

Madden NFL 22

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