Phantasy Star Online 2

Achievement list for Phantasy Star Online 2 revealed

Those wanting more achievements in the near future can now prep for the hunt by checking out Phantasy Star Online 2's achievement/trophy list.

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It's been eight years since Phantasy Star Online 2 was released in Japan - and unfortunately also stayed there. But the begging from western fans made Sega change their mind, and it is now coming for both PC and Xbox One this spring.

We already know that betas have been taking place, and now we've got a sign that the release seems to be closing in after almost a decade of waiting. The Achievements list has been revealed and you can check it out at Exophase.com. In total, there are 27 of them to catch, and as per usual, the information about the Achievements may be viewed as mild spoilers so beware.

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Phantasy Star Online 2

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