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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Activision steps up the fight against Call of Duty cheaters

"Permanent suspensions for security infractions may now apply franchise wide".

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The fact that PC games are often ridden with cheaters is unfortunately a sad reality today and a main reason why many console gamers choose to turn off cross-play against that format. Since Call of Duty is generally very popular, it also gets a lot of cheaters, but lately Activision has stepped up the war against them, and last month unveiled the new Ricochet tool that will be added later this year.

They now explain in more detail what caught cheaters have to look forward to, and there are some pretty hefty measures being taken to put an end to the misery. Among other things, you can lose all your accounts if you try to cheat or hide your identity, and you will also be banned from all Call of Duty titles if you try to cheat in any of them.

"Extreme or repeated violations of the security policy - such as in-game cheating - may result in a permanent suspension of all accounts. Additionally, any attempt to hide, disguise, or obfuscate your identity or the identity of your hardware devices may also result in a permanent suspension.

Permanent suspensions for security infractions may now apply franchise wide, including Call of Duty: Vanguard as well as any past, present, and future titles in the Call of Duty franchise."

Do you think this is unreasonably harsh, or should the cheaters have thought about their behaviour before starting being a pain in the ass?

Call of Duty: Vanguard

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