Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Alex Alguacil: Ettorito "a true legend of this video game"

We spoke to all of Broken Silence at the PES League Finals.

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Broken Silence were the co-op champions at the PES League finals, but Italian player Ettorito also won the 1v1 finals, and we talked to the entire team about what it was like, including the two players who faced off against each other in the last match of the day.

"I'm very happy for him, he's amazing," Alex Alguacil told us. "He's a true legend of this video game, the best in history. Someone had to beat me, and in that moment I preferred that to be him. I'm happy - I made my best tournament history."

"If I need to speak the truth, I'm happy but a little bit sad, because [...] probably I prefer me to win than him, but... unlucky," Ettorito told us when we asked what it was like beating his Broken Silence co-op teammate in the final.

Is Ettorito the best player in the world?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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