Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Almost 30,000 cheaters banned in Call of Duty last weekend

Activision says they are "progressing on a new set of security updates and anticipates more ban waves to come".

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Cheating in games is becoming an increasingly serious problem and developers and publishers seem to be working against the clock to solve the problem. But they are not completely powerless, and as recently as this past weekend, 27,000 Call of Duty players were banned.

Activision writes that it happened in connection with a free weekend and the launch of Season 3 to Warzone, when they also introduced new tools to address the problem:

"#TeamRICOCHET identified and banned over 27,000 accounts over the weekend through a series of upgraded detection systems. The team is progressing on a new set of security updates and anticipates more ban waves to come."

Around 60 million players are estimated to play Warzone every month so it's a bit of a drop of water in the ocean, but still very nice of course to get rid of any unwanted garbage.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2

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