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Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy sets her sights on the Burning Shores in upcoming Horizon Forbidden West expansion

It'll be coming to PS5 consoles in April.

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Following the recent leak, Guerrilla Games made an appearance at The Game Awards to officially announce that Horizon Forbidden West will be getting a mainline expansion come next year, one that will be taking Aloy all the way to the remnants of Los Angeles to explore the Burning Shores.

This expansion will see Aloy travelling to an all new area south of the Tenakth Clans borders, where she will meet all new characters and get to experience an additional adventure all once again based on the west coast of the US.

As you can see in the announcement trailer for the expansion, the Burning Shores presents us with an overgrown and fractured version of LA, one where a powerful machine lurks and will require Aloy's immediate attention.

It should be said that while Horizon Forbidden West did launch on both PS4 and PS5, the Burning Shores expansion will only be available on PS5, due to the "grand vision technically and creatively" that it plans to offer.

As for when it will arrive, that date is set for April 19, 2023, and you can watch the announcement trailer below.

Horizon Forbidden West

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