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Among Us: Airship map takes off in two weeks

Innersloth candidly spoke about the development process and the enormous work amount that slows down of all those involved.

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Nobody expected Among Us to grow that big - not even the developers themselves. Innersloth has been working on another project for some time before they had to change their course after their 'Whodunit' fun entered the spotlight. However, the exponential increase in interest brings with it some new challenges, which they needed to adapt properly. This is why the developers would like to thank all their eagerly waiting fans from the bottom of their heart, before they tell us about their new airship map that was revealed back in November.

On March 31, the airship map will be available in all versions of Among Us. You will be able to choose your spawn point at the beginning of the match and you will have to use ladders to move back and forth between different areas within the same level. New side activities/mini-games are being introduced, too, and there will be simple moderation tools to report toxic parts of the Among Us community, Innersloth notes.

Another area the developers informed us about very openly is why releasing the new map took them so long. One of the reasons: The five core members of Innersloth are exhausted after almost a whole, very different, but also very exciting year. In detail, the head of communications, Victoria Tran, explains to us some of the hurdles the small team encounters again and again in their everyday life and how exhausting those things often tend to be. The topic of crunch is also initiated, because this is, sadly, another part of the everyday life of the developers right now. Nevertheless, they are grateful for the many players of Among Us.

Among Us

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