Annual hard drive failure report released

American backup company Backblaze has released their annual hard drive failure report for the past year.

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While SSD and particularly M.2 NVMe drives are the new black of modern computers, most people and businesses still need big capacity SATA drives to store vast amounts of information, be it professional data centers, NAS for home or small business news, or for storing the entirety of your games catalogue.

Backblaze has published their annual and quarterly reports for half a decade at this point, with statistics on more than 100.000 hard drives, following failure rates closely.

Backblaze is an American backup company that has grown from a small business based in an apartment 12 years ago, to a massive online storage solution that can scale from individual backup solution to full size company backup. The company, impressively reached more than 400 PB of stored data over a year and a half ago. They are mostly known for their extensive use of consumer-grade hardware and for building their own petabyte server from scratch more than ten years ago.

Annual hard drive failure report released

When looking at hard drive data, Backblaze strongly recommends that only drives with more than 50.000 drive days and at least 500 drives are taken in to consideration, making the Seagate st10000nm0086, aka 10 TB version of the Seagate Enterprise Capacity the most reliant in this particular data set. That being said, however, failure rates are lower now than in 2017 which, again, was an improvement over 2016. Capacity has also increased over time.

On Backblazes website in the link above we're also provided with information regarding data through longer periods of time. While the data doesn't include all drives from all manufactures, it still gives a pretty good image of what high capacity drives should be expected to last.

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