Antec launches new C8 case

Antec's new C8 is the pinnacle of modern PC case design.

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The PC case has evolved a lot, with the modern case needing to facilitate high airflow, show-ability, and handle a lot of heat dissipation in the form of having multiple AIO and fan mounts, while still providing easy-to use installation.

This has led to a new breed of cases, often dubbed Aquarium cases, and Antec, one of the most experienced case and hardware brands in the market.

The C8 from Antec has a modern and sleek design, minimalist exterior that conceals a plethora of advanced features for the tech-savvy consumer.

The front/left panel use a unique 45° bevelling technique that breaks the barrier between the two pieces of glass - the extremely fine edge of the glass joint enhances the uninterrupted panoramic, and ultra-transparent visual experience of the 270° view. Pair your components with RGB light for a dazzling view.

C8 also features a versatile interior layout, with ample space for high-end components, offering the flexibility to build a system tailored to each use-case and individual requirements.

Customisation has gone up a notch, it's the first time Antec offers a dual chamber case that allows for sectioning off the HDD/PSU on the right side, and thus providing independent cooling for the CPU/GPU on the left side.

For those interested in extreme liquid cooling, the C8 provides space to mount up to three 360mm radiators, and it's engineered to support even the thickest of radiators.

Retail price roughly is €119.49 depending on local taxes.

Antec launches new C8 case
Antec launches new C8 caseAntec launches new C8 case

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