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Euclidean Skies

AR puzzler Euclidean Skies flying onto iOS

On October 25 we get the successor to Euclidean Lands.

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Miro Straka and Kunabi Brother have announced their new game Euclidean Skies - a successor to puzzle game Euclidean Lands - that will be released as a premium title for iOS on October 25. The game uses Apple's latest AR (augmented reality) technology, so players can seamlessly switch to AR mode at any time and rotate the game's puzzle worlds right in front of them in the real world.

Euclidean Skies combines "architecturally spectacular structures and a turn-based rating system in a beautiful puzzler designed to encourage players to think about the buildings in the game from different angles." As part of this you rotate and shape flying locks to move around enemies and lead your character to the end of each of the 40 levels.

The system of the original game required symmetry. Like a magic Rubik's Cube, players had many choices, but the silhouette of the structures always remained the same within each level. In Euclidean Skies the buildings can be changed and "unfolded" on the way to the puzzle solution, and thus each level offers different solutions, with the individual path to the end of each level shown in the way the player twisted their locks.

You can see more of Euclidean Skies in the video and screens below. Do you like AR games?

Euclidean Skies
Euclidean Skies
Euclidean Skies

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