Are Microsoft about to reveal Xbox One VR plans during E3?

Rebellion's E3 listing points to an Xbox One related VR announcement.

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Rebellion is working on a VR-ready shooter for PC and PlayStation 4 going by the name of Battlezone, and we've known about this for a while. However, what we didn't know is that the British studio may well be working on a version of the game for Xbox One too.

News of potential Xbox One VR announcements comes via one eagle-eyed NeoGaf user, who linked to four pages like this one showing that there's going to be an Xbox One VR category at this year's E3. We're extrapolating with our suggestion that Battlezone is heading Microsoft's console, but given the circumstances and the developer in question, if true it certainly looks like the obvious candidate.

Want more? How about a report over on ArsTechnica that states unequivocally that one major European studio will be at E3 showing a VR game that's heading to Xbox One in 2017. The site doesn't discuss the game or studio in question by name, but does say that it's "set in the universe of an established, long-running franchise."

There's been plenty of Xbox One rumours of late, with reports suggesting that Microsoft are planning on revealing both slim and upgraded versions of their home console at E3 (more on that here). Also, if you rewind almost one full year, you might remember talk of being able to stream Xbox One games on Oculus Rift, a link between Microsoft and the VR headset that hasn't been discussed in much detail since.

With Microsoft taking to the stage at E3 on June 13, we certainly don't have long to wait before we find out one way or another if these rumours have substance. Might the platform holder be about to jump aboard the VR bandwagon in a big way?


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