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Ark: The Animated Series

Ark: The Animated Series gets a first trailer

Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe are confirmed as Executive Producers and more.

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There has been no shortage of popular video game franchises getting the animé treatment from the streaming services during the last couple of years. Some of the more successful are Castlevania, Tekken: Bloodline, Cyberpunk 2077, Dragon Age, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

But there is more coming. Way more. We already knew about Ark: The Animated Series, based on Ark: Survival Evolved, and now we've gotten the first trailer. It includes pretty spectacular voice acting with names like Gerard Butler (as General Gaius Marcellus Nerva), Karl Urban (as Bob), Russell Crowe (as Kor the Prophet) and Vin Diesel (as Santiago), just to name a few.

Ark: The Animated Series will be streamed on HBO Max sometime during 2023. We assume the premiere will take place around the release of Ark II, which launches for PC and Xbox next year, for synergy effects.

Ark: The Animated Series

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