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Arkane Sees Launching Redfall on Xbox as 'Scary'

The studio seems both anxious and excited for its first Game Pass launch.

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Redfall developer Arkane Austin has recently spoken about the game in-depth in a new interview, with one of the main topics of discussion being the game's launch on Xbox Game Pass. Like Bethesda's other 2023 title Starfield, Redfall will playable day one via a Game Pass subscription.

While a lot of gamers might be excited to test out the vampire co-op shooter through paying their monthly Game Pass fee, according to Arkane, the launch is quite a daunting thing. Speaking with GamesRadar, Studio Director Harvey Smith acknowledged that "the pool that Game Pass offers is huge."


It's kind of shocking, and scary in a way. Like, how many people are going to play Redfall in the first week? What if it's a lot more than we anticipated... we're going to get a lot of feedback very quickly, and a lot of people will see what we've spent the last few years on.

In the same interview, Smith also discussed Redfall's co-op inspirations, and that it will have immersive dialogue between the four playable characters. Hopefully, all this blends into one great game when Redfall eventually launches.


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