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Astralis has announced its new head analyst

Hunden will be helping the team elevate its performance in 2023 and beyond.

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The Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced that it has welcomed a new member to its team, in the form of a new head analyst. The role will be occupied by Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen, who will be helping the team improve in a competitive sense throughout 2023 and beyond.

Speaking about the signing, Astralis' director of sports, Kasper Hvidt, has stated, "First and foremost, I am pleased that we have now come to an agreement with Nicolai, who is an extremely skilled and sought-after capacity. He will, without a doubt, empower our analytical work. We enter 2023 with a stronger team and a modernised performance organisation, where we have invested in both more and exceptionally talented profiles."

To add to this, Hunden has touched upon his new position at Astralis: "Even though I've only worked with the guys since Monday, and it takes time to get used to each other, there is a good dynamic in the group, and the quality of the players is obvious. We may not win the first big tournament, but the more we build on the foundation, the better we prepare and stick to the agreements, the stronger and more consistent we become as a team. Then the results will eventually come. That is the focus now".

With Hunden now part of the organisation, Astralis' performance organisation is locked in place.

Astralis has announced its new head analyst

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