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Astronimo offers co-op fun in space

A "cooperative construction platform puzzler" has just been announced with a first trailer.

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Coatsink and Thunderful have just announced a new game called Astronimo, which is described as a "cooperative construction platform puzzler". You and up to three other friends are here tasked with getting back home from space, which is seemingly harder than it sounds.

According to the pressrelease, "Astronimo is all about having fun and sharing memories with friends" and while it doesn't have a release date yet, you can sign up for a beta on the Steam page, which starts on February 27. Jimmy Whitemore, Lead Programmer at Coatsink, also says:

<em>"We hope you have as much fun playing Astronimo as we've had building it. We are bursting to see what crazy contraptions and marvellous worlds you can build!"

So far, PC is the only confirmed format, but we have the first trailer for you. Check it out below.


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