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Tekken 8

Asuka and Leroy confirmed for Tekken 8 in gameplay trailers

Bandai Namco delivered the goods at EVO Japan.

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Bandai Namco started by having a couple of months break between each character reveal for Tekken 8. Then we started to get a new one pretty much every other week before getting two each week. EVO Japan took everything to another level.

Because Bandai Namco has decided to really treat those following the big tournament by giving us gameplay trailers for both Asuka Kazama and Leroy Smith. These trailer do as always show off the popular characters' new looks and movesets, and it's clear both of them have changed a bit since Tekken 7.

Which characters are you still missing? I still can't wait to see how Yoshimitsu will, hopefully, look.

Tekken 8

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