Asus shows off AirVision M1 Wearable Display

A portable monitor or a non-VR, VR Google?

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ASUS AirVision M1 Wearable Display is "a multi-monitor viewing experience in a pair of stylish glasses".

It uses 1080p MicroOLED displays that each deliver an eye-burning 1100 nits brightness in combination with 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut.

You get 57° vertical perspective field-of-view and 60% transmittance, which Asus says ensures incredibly comfortable viewing.

An "intuitive app design" goes along with it all, and AirVision M1 glasses allows you to pin the screen at a specific location.

You also get the ability to generate multiple virtual screens in 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 formats, as well as in landscape or portrait orientation.

It's a package deal where you also get noise-cancelling microphones and speakers for immersive audio experiences.

Most interestingly, USB-C connectivity with DP-Alt mode gives compatibility with devices such as ROG Ally and console decks.

Asus shows off AirVision M1 Wearable Display

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