Automachef joins Team 17's games label

Assemble your robots and prepare the food, but make sure nothing catches fire - robot cookery can be a dangerous business.

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Team 17 has today revealed that Hermes Interactive's Automachef has joined their label, also announcing a partnership with the studio that will be delivering this puzzle game due to land on Steam and the Nintendo Switch this summer.

In this game you need to create fully automated kitchens that can deliver meals, and there are factors like energy and space to consider, not to mention risks like fire that come with robots preparing food. Creating an efficient assembly line is easier said than done though, and it's all about taking, processing, and completing orders.

There's a campaign to dive into, a Contracts Mode, and a Test Site Mode, with Robert Person being your in-game guide throughout. Blueprints can even be saved for future reference too, making your robotic culinary experience a bit easier.

Is this giving you an appetite for Automachef?


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