Bleeding Edge

Azrael is the newest fighter added to the Bleeding Edge roster

Ninja Theory has shared a bunch of intel and background about the latest combatant to enter the arena.

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Bleeding Edge players eager for some fresh blood to spice up Ninja Theory's online team brawler will no doubt be licking their lips in anticipation of getting their hands on Azrael, the latest new character to join the roster. In an extended post dropped over on the game's official webpage, the devs share loads of detail about the winged-character's background, as well as intel about all of his specials. We've included the essential gameplay-relevant info below, but you'll need to hit the link if you want to dig into the background of this intriguing addition to the game.

Bleeding Edge

WING SPURS - Slice and stab enemies with bladed wings. Each hit applies a stack of Soul Eater.

EVADE - Dodge out of harm's way. Costs stamina.

PARRY - Deflects an enemy's attack when well timed.

GLIDE - Glide through the air. Expends Stamina.

SOUL EATER - Soul Eater ability icon

Each Wing Spur attack applies a stack of Soul Eater to the target, dealing damage over time and healing Azrael. Maximum 5 stacks per enemy.


PORTAL - Spawns a pair of portals that Azrael and his team mates can travel through.

GUARDIAN ANGEL - The nominated ally is continuously healed as long as they stay in range. Healing is improved by 2.5% per active Soul Eater stack.

VOID WAVE - Send out a wave of void energy that can penetrate walls, and returns to Azrael. Damages enemies and applies Soul Eater. Enemies hit on the return are also slowed.


WING BLAST - Unleash a huge gust of wind that pushes enemies back, and slows them briefly.

CHRYSALIS - Enter a protective Chrysalis that heals over time. After 4s, if not destroyed, the Chrysalis explodes. Double tap to also protect a nearby ally.

We really enjoyed Bleeding Edge when we played it for review, but at the time we noted that it needed more content. With Ninja Theory continuing to support the game, it seems as though our wish is coming true. Are you still playing?

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