Elden Ring

Bandai Namco is giving Elden Ring fans the chance to win 10 feet of Messmer the Impaler

And here I was thinking I'd struggle with 18 inches of Venom.

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Back when the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion was first revealed, we were all taken aback by the sweet Messmer the Impaler statue that came with the expansion's collector's edition. Now, just to send fans pining even further for more Messmer, Bandai Namco is giving people the chance to win a life-size statue of him.

In a huge competition, fans will be asked to piece together their own video celebrating Elden Ring. This can be a trailer, action video, comedy, or something else entirely. But, if you want to win Messmer, you're going to have to make a top-tier trailer. There's only one of him up for grabs.

Malenia's arm will be given to the winners of Best Narrative, Best Action, and Best Direction, while a Helmet of Messmer will be given to the winners of Best Comedy, Best Use of Sound, Best Armor Design, and Most Original Use of Elden Ring.

You can check out the competition's full rules list here.

Elden Ring

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