Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum celebrates 10 years

The subjectively "best" super-hero game ever was released on August 25th, 2009.

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While it's debatable if Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best super-hero game ever created, no other title in the genre was as influential as the first Rocksteady's Batman. With an original story in their own version of Batman's universe, Rocksteady created a game that excelled in almost every department.

From the standout acting from icons Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill to the highly detailed graphics built in Unreal Engine 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a phenomenal game that also gave the world a new fighting system that's been endlessly copied since then.

Now celebrating 10 years - it was released on August 25th, 2009 - ten whole years ago. Batman: Arkham Asylum can now be appreciated in several platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One via a remastered re-release.

Congrats Batman and Rocksteady, if only the anniversary would have come with a new announcement.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

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