Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within episode 4 gets release date

Is Harley Quinn about to expose Bruce Wayne's secret to the world?

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When Telltale Games revealed that the third episode of Batman: The Enemy Within would launch on November 21 some of us had a tiny bit of hope that the fourth episode would arrive before 2018. Obviously, Santa didn't deliver on that wish, but we won't have to wait much longer.

The studio has now announced that the episode called What Ails You will launch on January 23. The most recent episode wasn't exactly the most intense we've ever played, but it sounds like things will heat up quite a bit this time around. We're not going to spoil any noteworthy details here, but just say that Harley Quinn and Co. seem ready to fulfil their goal, so Wayne has to put his trust in some very unreliable allies if he wants to keep his big secret. It'll be interesting to see what kind of consequences our choices will have with these high stakes in mind.

Still haven't played Telltale's Batman series? Don't forget that the first season is one of this month's PlayStation Plus games.

Batman: The Enemy Within

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