Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within episode two dated

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Telltale Games is known for announcing the release dates for new episodes of their series fairly close to release, but Batman needs some extra time to reach the Bat-signal, so they've decided to give us a fair bit of warning this time around.

The second episode of Batman: The Enemy within is called The Pact, and is set to launch on September 26. You might have guessed who'll be the focus of the upcoming episode when playing the premiere, as it's none other than Harley Quinn. This will as always be a new interpretation of the famous character, and Telltale teases that we'll probably find the power dynamic between Harley and "John Doe" especially intriguing. In what way? We'll find out next month.

Do you like Telltale's changes, or should they have stayed with the true formula?

Batman: The Enemy Within
Batman: The Enemy WithinBatman: The Enemy Within

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