Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 almost set a new Steam record for concurrent players this weekend

It seems like a whole lot of gamers were willing to give the game a new chance after the troubled launch.

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Battlefield V from 2018 ultimately was a commercial failure for EA and the expectations on the sequel Battlefield 2042 was high when it was released almost two years ago. But unfortunately, things managed to get even worse, and about two months after the release, 90% of the players had moved on to other things.

Since then, the concurrent player-count has remained a very low on Steam, and occasionally even been beaten by older titles in the series like Battlefield 1 from 2016. But as we've seen many times before, hard work often pays off in the end when developers deliver on what they promised. And during the weekend, it has been free to play Battlefield 2042, and this was something a lot of gamers wanted to check in.

As revealed by SteamDB, it reached a peak of 102,009 players during the last 24 hours - which is really close to the all-time high of 105,397 players from when the game was released back in 2021. These numbers revealed that the game had a good word of mouth and that people actually stayed and played for a longer time. How many of these gamers that will continue to play now that the free period of time has ended, remains to be seen, but it seems like Battlefield 2042 might get at least a smaller revival after some rough years.

Are you willing to give Battlefield 2042 a new chance to check out all improvements?

Battlefield 2042

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