Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is taking the fight to the Swedish wilderness

And here's what it's bringing when it arrives next week.

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EA and DICE has announced what the third season of Battlefield 2042 is set to offer, and when it will arrive.

Set to debut on November 22, this season known as Escalation will take the combat to the Swedish wilderness, all as part of the brand new map called Spearhead.

To add to this, the season will add the new Specialist, Zain, who is described as being "adept at flushing foes out of cover," thanks to his XM370A Airburst Rifle, and due to his ability to recharge health upon eliminating an enemy.

Otherwise, Escalation will be bringing a few new weapons and tools. The Rorsch Mk-4 Railgun is debuting, as is the NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun, and the NVK-P125 Bullpup Pistol. Oh, and throwing knives are being introduced as well during the season.

For the drivers out there, the EMKV90-TOR Tank is coming and bringing a multi-mode combat system. Mobility Mode is designed for speed, with Siege Mode designed to deal tons of damage.

And if all of this isn't enough, as Escalation continues to progress, players will be able to unlock the XM8 and A-91 weapons, as part of updates coming down the line. All on top of the proposed Specialist, and Manifest and Breakaway map reworks.

Battlefield 2042

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