Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 to land on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in December

Every platform will also get a free access period to test and try the game out.

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The latest developer blog from DICE about Battlefield 2042 has arrived, and this one, while touching upon some improved features and planned additions, also noted that starting in December, the shooter will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for subscribers to download and try out. Every platform will also be getting a free access period to test the game out.

As for the new additions, while DICE and EA are keeping details about Season 3 quite close to the chest currently, we are told that the upcoming season will add the XM8 from Bad Company 2 and the A-91 from Battlefield 3, both of which will bolster the LMG weapons pool. Also, there will be reworks for the maps Manifest and then Breakaway (with the latter coming in-season in early 2023), as well as an "all new Battlefield, in a location we've always wanted to realize, but haven't so far in our 20 years of creating Battlefield." Plus there will be a new specialist, battle pass, hardware, event, Portal experiences and more.

To add to this, the planned Specialist Rework will be coming during Season 3, in early 2023, and will change which category certain Operators fall into and determine who gets access to specific Gadgets. Weapon Proficiency will also be improved here, and will allow certain weapon types to do things better than others, i.e. assault rifle fire quicker after sprinting, whereas LMGs have additional magazines.

Check out all the proposed changes in the November update blog here.

Battlefield 2042

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