Battlezone is an "incredible experience" in VR

We talk to Rebellion's Timothy Jones about their entry into the VR space.

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We had a chat with Rebellion's Timothy Jones about the rebirth of Battlezone in VR, why tanks are a good fit for VR, potential for multiplayer and being ready for PSVR launch.

"The original Battlezone came out in 1980, many people consider it to be the original virtual reality title. It was one of the first games were you could literally move around in first person in 3D landscape and it was a virtual battle tank simulator. We're bringing it bang up to date with actual genuine virtual reality. Now the technology has finally got there wehere essentially back to where the heart of what the game was about and to a large extent to how we remember it. Like fondly in our memories, cause it was actually a slow paced kind of thing, whereas what we've created is a lot more faster paced, a lot more dynamic, exciting virtual tank battle simulator."

"In VR it's incredible experience. Actually being there, being able to look around you. Having that peripheral vision, looking out the sides of your tanks, seeing things flying passed you. It's really something."


Battlezone will launch first on PlayStation VR in October alongside the hardware, but has also been confirmed for release on Oculus Rift later on. Other VR platforms are also being considered.


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