Battlezone's Steve Bristow says VR gave a chance to innovate

"You have to be thinking in different ways."

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Gamereactor recently talked to Battlezone's Lead Designer Steve Bristow to learn more about how the classic is being adapted to VR and the process of making a VR game.

Part of the appeal for Bristow is that he played the older arcade games. "It's great fun for me to be able to try to take the spirit of that game and then bring it up into the twenty first century," he said. "And especially VR. We consider that to be the grandfather of VR in many ways, that game, especially if you found the cabinet of the binocular things you could push your eyes up against."

In terms of the process of developing VR itself, he said "there's lots of stuff that works in VR, I think a surprising amount. When we first started developing there were no rule books, there's nobody saying what you can or can't do in VR, but I think we probably assumed as developers that VR would be some form of first-person, cockpit game. It seems to fit that VR idea. In fact, some of the best games I've played on VR have been third person games, there's really not very much you can't do. You have to be thinking in different ways."

Bristow went on to say that, although in the past he had used previous games as inspiration, in VR "we quickly realised that wasn't true, that we had a whole new set of rules, we had a whole new way to think about doing things, but with that comes a great opportunity to innovate. Everything we're doing we have blank pages of rulebooks that we're starting to fill in now, so to be one of those pioneering companies working in this field right now at this time is very exciting from a design point of view."

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