Beat Saber

Beat Saber v1.10.0 is now live and brings 46 new beatmaps

The game in which players slice blocks with lightsabers to some neat tunes just added more sliceable content.

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Are you a fan of rhythm games? Are you also a fan of dual-wield slicing through things with lightsabers? Then Hyperbolic Magnetism and Beat Games have just the game for you and it just received a new update. Beat Saber v1.10.0 is available to download for free and brings 46 new beatmaps across 18 songs ("10 new 360°/90° levels EACH + 26 new One Saber levels")

Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, the update has been delayed for PSVR, but the developer is actively working to get the update ready and released for all as soon as possible.

Beat Saber

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