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BenQ has announced a new range of ZOWIE esports gaming mice

The collection are wireless iterations of current shapes.

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The hardware manufacturer BenQ has announced that it is giving an array of its other gaming mice shapes the wireless treatment. Designed to be used for esports, the new collection of mice will fall under the EC-CW namesake, and as for why it has taken the company so long to release the devices, we're simply told that it was because BenQ wanted to "enhance connection stability."

The three offerings will be called the EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and the EC3-CW, with each coming with a standalone, enhanced wireless receiver and an antennae at the front - all in an effort to decrease unwanted transmission interference.

As for why BenQ decided to use the EC collection of mice as the basis of this first wireless offering, the company states it is down to their wide use and asymmetrical ergo design, and how the shape allows for comfortable finger and forearm posture.

There has not yet been any mention of prices or availability of the EC-CW devices as of yet.

BenQ has announced a new range of ZOWIE esports gaming mice

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