Bethesda announces Orion for a faster cloud-gaming experience

The software promises to make streaming video games more viable via specialised software, regardless of platform.

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During its E3 2019 keynote, Bethesda has announced a range of patented software technologies which strives to improve streaming-based gaming with its new technology. Competing in a heavily saturated market of current cloud-based platforms, the software has been laboriously researched and developed by id Software to improve streaming performance without the need for new hardware.

Unlike the Google Stadia or xCloud platforms, Orion is added to game engines and promises to reduce power and cost to play and produce software. The technology is set to achieve 4K resolution and 60 fps - during the conference itself, the game Doom (2016) was demoed via streaming to a mobile device and it managed to hit those exact specifications.

Bethesda further explained on Twitter: "An Orion-enabled game will be faster, more fluid, and provide players with a fundamentally better streaming experience, regardless of the game or streaming platform."

Bethesda is currently looking for players to test the technology. You can sign up for free through the Doom Slayer Club website for a chance to smoothly stream Doom later this year.

Bethesda announces Orion for a faster cloud-gaming experience

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