Rage 2

Bethesda celebrates anniversary of the Walmart Rage 2 leak

Remember when that leak revealed plenty of games before they were announced? At least Bethesda can laugh about it.

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Do you remember the infamous Walmart leak from last year? Well you should, because it revealed that Rage 2 was coming, along with many other unannounced titles, sending the internet into speculative frenzy.

The leak did the rounds for several weeks until Bethesda confirmed it to be true, officially revealing the sequel, and this week was actually the anniversary of the leak. To commemorate this, the official Rage Twitter account is hosting a giveaway in which you can win an Xbox One controller with the actual leak printed on the front.

Unfortunately, you have to be an American or Canadian citizen to participate, but it's still a fun idea and you can take a look at the controllers below. It's good that Bethesda can laugh about it as well, just as Pete Hines did during the E3 conference last year.

Is this a good way to celebrate?

Rage 2

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