Big update coming for Wildstar in February

End-game players are the focus.

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The Wildstar website has revealed that a new update will be hitting the MMORPG next month, introducing more content and "new systems focused at end-game players."

The first of these systems is Primal Matrix, which allows players to progress past Level 50, also allowing players to upgrade and customise with Primal Essence, which is collected by participating in a wide variety of activities. As this Primal Matrix progresses, your Heroism Rating progresses too, giving a gauge on how you're moving along after Level 50.

Prime difficulty scaling is also included as well: "When queueing for a supported Expedition or dungeon at level 50 you'll have the option to set a Prime difficulty level for the instance. Prime levels will offer greater challenges from enemies, and increased rewards with item drops that scale relative to the difficulty of the instance. Prime 0 replaces the Veteran dungeon setting, and the difficulty levels scale up from there." Alongside this there is another five player scalable dungeon called Coldblood Citadel too, not to mention another prime expedition called Evil from the Ether.

More information can be found over at the official website. Is this an appealing update for you Wildstar fans?


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