Bioengineered superplants will purify your home

30x the purification of normal houseplants.

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GH Institute has during CES 2024 shown the Neo P1, a $179 super plant.

It's made to combat indoor air pollution, and is claimed to have the capacity of 30 average houseplants. NeoPlants state that:

"It tackles the most harmful pollutants inside the home: Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene, which are constantly being emitted from household items like kitchens, paint, cleaning products, wooden furniture and more.

Neo P1's 3-dimensional air purification power:

Level 1 → Metabolism: We've taken a Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) plant and through bioengineering, boosted its natural capacity to absorb & recycle VOCs into useful plant matter.

Level 2 → Microbiome: We take specialized bacteria strains to new heights of purification power through lab-assisted evolution, significantly enhancing their natural performance.

Level 3 → Shell: The planter is designed to maximize airflow, ensuring optimal contact between pollutants and the plant.

No electricity. No filter. No noise. Just biology."

NeoPlants consists of a 20 man team, with $20M in funding and is based in France.

Bioengineered superplants will purify your home
Bioengineered superplants will purify your home

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